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Affordable Gym Memberships

We know that not everyone can afford the rates of other gyms, and that's why TBT Gym of Meridian, Mississippi, offers gym memberships for just $15. Our memberships include access to all of our fitness classes, as well as full access to our gym. Additionally, you'll enjoy a week of free personal training with our skilled, certified personal trainers.

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All members will always have access to an on-staff guide to help you use any equipment, as well as to ensure the safety of all gym-goers. Our gym isn't a hang-out spot, and all of our members are dedicated to getting their work done. Everyone comes in, does their workout, and goes about their day, staying focused to ensure their best health in all aspects of their lives. There are no mirrors here, because we know they can make people self-conscious and negatively affect the experience. People of all shapes and sizes are welcome here. Additionally, there is a police department in the same area, ensuring the highest level of safety for all patrons. Contact us or stop in today to learn more about our gym memberships.

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